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Swiss Job Market Monitor

The Swiss Job Market Monitor Team

The Swiss Job Market Monitor is affiliated with the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich. The research team is headed by Prof. Dr. Marlis Buchmann.

Each of us can be reached via the email address surname[at]

Prof. Dr. Marlis Buchmann

044/ 635 23 30
044/ 634 06 80

Workdays: Monday to Friday

Kimberly Goulart, PhD

044/ 635 23 32

Workdays: Monday to Thursday

Ann-Sophie Gnehm, lic. phil.


Jan Müller, MA 044/ 635 23 36 Workdays: Monday to Friday
Yanik Kipfer, MA 044/ 635 23 02 Workdays: Monday to Thursday


Former team members::

Dr. Helen Buchs


Felix Busch, PhD


Eva Bühlmann, MSc


Dr. Sylvia Bendel


Dr. Matthias Kunz


Dr. Stefan Sacchi

cue sozialforschungtree

Dr. Alexander Salvisberg


Dr. Debra Hevenstone

Hevenstone, Debra. 2015. The American Myth of Markets
in Social Policy New York City: Palgrave.


Marianne Müller, lic. phil.


Eva Schellenberg, BA


Urs Klarer, lic. phil.

Dr. Anna von Ow