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Swiss Job Market Monitor

Scientific Use File

Swiss Job Market Monitor's Data as a Scientific Use File

Thanks to the generous support from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the data base of the Swiss Job Market Monitor is available for scientific research and teaching within an academic framework as a scientific use file.

The Swiss Job Market Monitor (SJMM, is devoted to a systematic monitoring and analysis of the Swiss labor market. For this purpose, SJMM has compiled a dataset of job openings in the Swiss economy dating back to 1950. The dataset is based on representative samples of job advertisements drawn from all advertising channels that are relevant at the given time.

In 2001, the project switched from its original retrospective survey design to a fully compatible prospective monitoring of the job market that also covers online advertising media. In addition, the initial limitation of the ad survey to German-speaking Switzerland was expanded to cover all of Switzerland from 2001 on.

In the course of the ad survey, the complete ad text is first recorded to enable text-based as well as qualitative analyses of the development of job openings. Second, the information provided in the job ads on the requirements and characteristics of the job openings, the person wanted, and the business placing the job ad are recorded and prepared for quantitative statistical analyses.

The database created in this manner thus opens a multitude of new opportunities for qualitative and quantitative social scientific analyses of both long-term and current trends in the Swiss labor market. This obviously applies to developments in the volume and structure of job openings and the skills demand in the Swiss economy. Yet its potential goes far beyond by offering a much wider range of opportunities for research once the SJMM data are combined with data from other sources (TREE, SAKE, and others more).

A Data Brief on the Scientific Use File is published in the European Sociological Review. The fully documented data are available at FORS (catalogue of projects and data or directly here). An overview of methods and results can be found under research. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. The SJMM Team is happy to support you in your research projects.

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